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Puzzle partners with Runway by LTSE

LTSE builds software for startups. In partnership with Puzzle Financial, select Runway users can sync their financial data to Runway in real-time.

Visualize and manage your startup’s cash flow.

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Quotes from founders and finance teams

I feel much more confident when talking to investors about my business.

General Catalyst Portfolio Company

I feel I just went from Founder to CEO.

Y-Combinator Portfolio Company

I wish this existed when we started this company.

Sequoia Capital Unicorn

From the first moment I saw this, I knew it was something that was missing.

Felicis Ventures Portfolio Company

I now feel like a real company from day one.

Kleiner Perkins Company

It's like a second set of eyes over my data, which gives me confidence in decision making.

First Round Capital Company

Data security and privacy are our top priority


Top venture startups trust Puzzle with their financial data because we take privacy and security seriously. Data is read-only and we secure and encrypt all data to industry-leading standards, whether in flight or at rest, and we do not sell or share your data. Learn more