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Accounting software designed for startups

A new core accounting solution that helps founders build better companies. Get real-time financial statements for fundraising and taxes, plus insights, metrics and AI - all in an intuitive UX.
$10B categorized and 500+ founders from:

Smarter accounting for fundraising, taxes, and more

Puzzle automatically assembles and verifies your latest financial statements and core metrics such as true cash, burn, ARR, and runway. Our smart general ledger learns, gets faster and more accurate every day.

Fundraising metrics
Real-time income statement and balance sheet
One-click tax export

Designed to make accounting intuitive

Drill down behind every report, metric, and calculation to the transaction details for verifiable accuracy. Understand, trust, and know your numbers.

Traceable financials
Spotlight analysis

Confidence for the most important decisions.

Numbers are the basic truth of a business. If you can understand your numbers, you can understand how your business works. When you understand how your business works, you make better decisions.

Know your numbers
Expert support

Secure data that you control

It’s your data under your control. We do not sell or share your data. Your information is read-only and encrypted up to industry-leading standards, whether in flight or at rest.


Built native to a modern stack

It just works right out of the box with direct APIs to Stripe, Gusto, Rippling, Brex, Ramp, Mercury, and via Plaid for SVB, First Republic, AngelList and other major banks. Puzzle works best with newly formed, US startups using our native integrations.

Trusted across the industry

Puzzle is so intuitive despite being an accounting noob. In contrast, I got really confused with Quickbooks and Xero.

Y Combinator

I just started using Puzzle and it's been incredibly useful for getting an ongoing picture of our books. I feel calmer having Puzzle as our automated system for all things accounting. Highly recommend to any business owner using modern financial tools

-Oliver Hill, Co-Founder,

Puzzle is amazing. As a first-time founder, I wanted to worry less about the back-office so I could focus on building my business. Puzzle exceeded my expectations by delivering a best-in-class software and support experience instead of an archaic company like Quickbooks. I have already recommended Puzzle to other founders and will continue to.

-Barron Caster, Co-Founder,

We use Puzzle as the single source of truth for our finances. It provides a holistic and in-depth overview of what we're spending money on.
Puzzle makes bookkeeping very easy for us. I can get everything done in minutes and spend more time making our customers happy.

-Tobias Müller, Co-Founder & CEO,

With Puzzle, I'm able to easily understand where our money is going and adjust as needed. I love being able to easily re-categorize transactions and see everything in one place. Thanks to Puzzle I can sleep better at night.

-Andres Ugarte, Founder & CEO,

We are very happy with Puzzle — it was a lucky discovery. As a startup founder it makes my job easier. Puzzle integrates bank accounts automatically and pulls all information into one place. I have to do a lot of things, and I’m grateful I don’t have to use excel for my financials anymore. The support and onboarding have been so helpful!

-Cynthia Arochi-Zendejas, Co-Founder,

I’ve been using Xero for more than a year - but recently started with Puzzle and love it

On Deck

Seeing my ARR/MRR and cash together is the dream. Before Puzzle I didn’t trust the data and was nervous about presenting it to investors.

Sterling Road Portfolio Company

I can now see where all my money is going. And I trust it, because if I think it’s wrong, I just click to see the transactions.

On Deck

Accounting and finance teams everywhere finally feel like they have someone building for them.

Initialized Capital Company

It's like a second set of eyes over my data, which gives me confidence in decision making

First Round Capital Company

From the first moment I saw this, I knew it was something that I was missing

Felicis Ventures Portfolio Company

I wish this existed when we started this company

Sequoia Capital Unicorn

I can now see the whole picture together in real-time. FINALLY!

- Founder,
General Catalyst Company

A detailed view of my cash, burn and spend. I still can't believe you did that instantly!

- Founder,
General Catalyst Company

The most intuitive accounting software ever. Finally something built for us

- Founder (YC S’22),
Y Combinator

Puzzle has been amazing for me because I have easy access to my financials in an automated manner. I've never used … any other solution for my accounting, and I have no reason to look elsewhere. In addition to the software, the service has been great with the Puzzle team ready to answer any questions I have. In a pinch, I've used the financial reporting tools to get me info for investors or accountants or my team and have been able to deliver it in minutes.

-Viren Tellis, Co-Founder and CEO,

Designed for founders, by founders (and CPAs and CFOs)