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Founders and CFOs solve complex puzzles without all the pieces. We are building a real-time, smarter data infrastructure to power your startup’s growth.

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Quotes from founders and finance teams

I still can’t believe you gave me such a detailed view of my cash, burn, and spend instantly!

Founder, General Catalyst Company

I feel I just went from Founder to CEO.

Founder, Y-Combinator Company

I wish this existed when we started this company.

CFO, Sequoia Unicorn

From the first moment I saw this, I knew it was something that was missing.

Founder, Felicis Portfolio Company

I now feel like a real company from day one.

Founder, Kleiner Perkins Company

It's like a second set of eyes over my data, which gives me confidence in decision making.

CFO, First Round Capital Company

Data Security and Privacy Are Our Top Priority

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  • Encrypted
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Top venture startups trust Puzzle with their financial data because we take privacy and security seriously. Data is read-only and we secure and encrypt all data to industry-leading standards, whether in flight or at rest, and we do not sell or share your data. Learn more