The Startup Founder’s Guide to Accounting Software: Puzzle or QuickBooks Online?

Sasha Orloff
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Choosing accounting software for your early-stage startup is pivotal. This guide highlights the essential distinctions between Puzzle and QuickBooks Online (QBO), empowering you to select the optimal fit for your startup's goals.

Puzzle at a glance

🚀 Tailored for fast-paced, ambitious startups focused on speed and accuracy.

🔥 The first Level 3 Autonomous Accounting solution, generating accurate financial statements in real-time, all the time.

💼 Startup metrics like real-time burn, runway, MRR, and ARR instantly on Puzzle's dashboard.

⚖️ Simultaneous accrual and cash accounting means scale-ready from formation through scale.

💪 Founders can easily onboard without any accounting knowledge required.

QuickBooks Online at a glance

🤔 Designed for small businesses, like a local bakery, retail shop, or freelancer.

🕒 Only Level 1 automation if you use a modern tool instead of their bundled payroll and billing.

💼 Lacks startup metrics - must be manually calculated and updated in spreadsheets.

💳 Limited to cash accounting, or manual accruals, and no AI-powered workflows.

🚫 Expertise required to onboard - usually need to hire a bookkeeper.

Feature comparison

💎 Puzzle's user-friendly workflows suit both financial and non-financial team members, while QBO has been called clunky and complicated.

📊 Puzzle's instant access to startup metrics, real-time financial reports, and auto-accruals offer an edge over QBO.

⏱️ Get your financials on the 1st of the month with Puzzle's Autonomous Accounting, while bookkeepers using QBO usually require up to 21 days to send your financials over.

Integration comparison

🔗 Puzzle's direct APIs seamlessly connect with modern stack tech startups like Mercury, Brex, Ramp, Stripe, Gusto, Rippling, and more.

🤝 QBO integrates summary details with many apps, although some require third-party connectors like Synder in order to properly integrate with Stripe.

Design and support comparison

🎨 Puzzle's user-friendly design and real-time collaboration tools enhance ease of use.

📚 Puzzle offers white-glove customer support with human assistance via email and chat.

💰QBO offers limited live customer support. Most users pay an extra fee to hire an expert for help.

Summary: Puzzle vs. QuickBooks Online for startup founders

Puzzle's innovation, real-time capabilities, and tailored features make it a superior choice for startups seeking an accounting solution that is efficient, accurate, and scalable for growth.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Online is a better solution for traditional businesses with specific needs such as time tracking, inventory management, and deal with cash or paper checks.

Make an informed choice that aligns with your startup's aspirations.

Looking for a more comprehensive comparison? Access our accountant's guide to Puzzle vs. QuickBooks Online.

Ready to switch from QBO or need more information? Reach out to for hassle-free migration to Puzzle or get started here.

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Sasha Orloff
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