What is Puzzle?

3. What if I am an offline or inventory-based company?
7. Why should I use Puzzle instead of other accounting platforms? 

Need more answers?

1. Is Puzzle a financial modeling tool?
2. Is Puzzle a data visualization tool?
3. Is Puzzle a bookkeeping service?
5. Can I use Puzzle if I have not incorporated my business yet?


1. Why do I have to connect my bank account to get started?
2. Can I invite other people to Puzzle? What access permissions are possible?

How to use Puzzle’s features

1. Are Puzzle’s financials cash or accrual basis?
2. How do I calculate my runway?
3. How do I progress from draft financials to completed financials?

Managing Your Account

Integrations & Permissions

1. What integrations does Puzzle support? 
3. Are integrations with Puzzle secure?
4. Can I delete my integrations with Puzzle?
5. Does Puzzle have limits on integrations?
6. Can I still use Puzzle if it does not support part of my financial stack?

Contact Us

1. How do I start using Puzzle? 
2. How do I get help from the Puzzle team? 
3. Where do I send feedback or suggestions about Puzzle?