Making accounting and finance your competitive advantage

We want the next generation of ambitious startups to build their businesses with us, on Puzzle. Because the world needs their ingenuity and Puzzle exists to set them up for lasting success.

Our Mission

Numbers are the basic truth of a business. If we can understand the numbers, we can understand how our business works.  When we understand how our business works, we make better decisions.

Puzzle is a whole new way for founders and finance teams to work. We are the new center of a modern financial stack, evolving accounting and finance into a system of financial intelligence.

Our mission is to give leaders confidence in their most important financial decisions.

Our Investors

The industry has spoken, there had to be a better way. Puzzle is funded by one of the largest and most successful venture funds, a syndicate from a network of 600 venture-backed CFOs, angels who built the best financial solutions in the market, founder networks, many other founders, and early-stage investors.
Including angel investors from leading fintech startups

Our Team

We are a distributed, diverse team that come from many industries. We are engineers, accountants, operators, PMs, and founders from Github, KPMG, Apple, EY, Lyft, Affirm, PWC, Paypal, Y-Combinator, and many startups you probably have never heard of

Our Values

Customer Trust First

We understand trust is not given, but earned. We increase trust by investing in data security, data integrity, calcuation accuracy, auditabilty and product transparency.

Fast, Intentional Decisions

We focus on learning, iterating and improving. We encourage strong opinions that are weakly held, and that our diverse backgrounds and experiences drive better outcomes for our customers.

Create Customer Value

We believe business value created for our customers will add value to our business, in that order. We get excited about solving big, ambitious challenges that have a large impact on our business and in the industry, and appreciate unfiltered customer feedback.

Teams Win Together

Our success will be determined by our ability to recruit and retain great talent, and work together as a team.  We value low ego, high integrity and no surprises.  We proactively ask others for feedback, and proactively help colleagues challenge themselves and grow.


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