Automate financial reconciliations with ease.

Automated Credit Card Reconciliations

Automated credit card reconciliations in 2 clicks.

Stop manually matching transactions from the credit card statement. For companies that use Ramp or Brex, Puzzle decreases the time-consuming task of manually creating a credit card reconciliation. First, Puzzle automatically populates a default value for each credit card balance based on our native integration. Puzzle then populates transactions for you to identify as reconciling items until the difference between Puzzle's balance and the credit card statement is $0.

Automated Bank Reconciliations

Automated bank reconciliations in 2 clicks.

Puzzle auto-drafts your bank reconciliation so you don't have to. Stop manually cross-referencing banking transactions. For companies that use Mercury, Puzzle uses Mercury's API to perform automated pre-reconciliation validation checks. Have confidence that the transactions in your bank accounts are recorded in your accounting system.

Say goodbye to tedious bank reconciliation work.

Puzzle automatically compares the balances in the accounting system with the Mercury statement balances in any given month, which can decrease reconciliation time to 2 minutes.

With just a few clicks,
see your entire financial picture