The Puzzle API
Enabling next-generation financial software

The new single source of truth of reconciled financial data to help startups scale easier, understand business drivers, manage stakeholders, and automate the back office.
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Partner API use cases

Build experiences for your customers with validated, reconciled, and detailed data with one-click permission.
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Embedded financial apps

Increase your product engagement and improve your customer’s automation. Increase trust and accuracy with secure authentication and pre-designed workflows.

Detailed runway planning

Summary level financial reports create summary level financial planning. With a single integration, get summary and supporting data to build rich, real-time financial planning not possible before.

Shareholder transparency

Shareholder management is part art, part data. Pull detailed data from reports to metrics, including details across revenue, expenses, people, and cash.

Real-time dashboards

Every company is unique. Enable flexible dashboards personalized to the company’s stage, industry & priorities with metrics, time series, and variance endpoints.

API: Data ingestion benefits

Have a financial data platform that wants to bring automation to startups and differentiation to your benefit.
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Banks: Auto-reconciliations & underwriting

  • Bank reconciliations automatically drafted
  • Real-time underwriting - fund your business
Silicon Valley BankMercury

Expenses: Advanced spend analysis

  • Audit ready financials with linked receipts and invoices
  • Enhanced categorization and vendor lists for high accuracy

Processors: See revenue in every way

  • See revenue, accounts, customers and products
  • Trace financials by any view

Payroll: Auto-reconciliations and people analysis

  • Automatically validated and linked journal entries
  • See details down to employee sub-account

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