Spend more time adding value,
and less time doing repetitive work

Become more efficient and strategic with Puzzle, the first scalable accounting software built for a modern company. Spend less time wrangling data, doing repetitive tasks, and more time improving the company.
Real-time data platform
Cash and accrual basis financials
Automated revenue recognition (beta)
Built-in collaboration tools

Expect more from your accounting software

Puzzle’s smart general ledger and financial data platform is built by a team of CPAs, auditors, and finance leaders to replace legacy accounting software built decades ago.

Simultaneous cash and accrual financials
Startup metrics such as ARR and runway
Traceable journal entries and an audit log

Deliver results, faster

Puzzle’s learning and automation capabilities speed up data ingestion, categorization, and reconciliations. We automatically ingest transaction data and supporting documents (when available) allowing you to focus on more strategic work.

Smart categorization and rules engine
Automated revenue recognition (beta)
Receipt/invoice ingestion from Ramp and Stripe

Collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders

Need documentation or clarification on a transaction? Assign and respond to tasks directly in Puzzle, as we bring collaboration directly into accounting software. No more long email chains disconnected from your workspace.

Task assignment and comment functionality
Dashboard report status to show clients your monthly progress
Founder checklist accelerates your workflow

What else can we build for you?