Automate accounting on your own terms

Intelligent accounting software built by accountants to help you work smarter and faster. We automate repetitive, tedious tasks so you can gain efficiencies to focus on higher-value strategic work.
Secure, compliant, and reliable general ledger
Cash and accrual accounting
Real-time financial reports and tax packages
Integrations with credit cards, payroll, banks, and more
Increase efficiencies

Say goodbye to repetitive manual tasks

Sick of relying on outdated legacy accounting systems? Our AI-powered technology and robust data architectures handle repetitive, manual tasks that save time and boost productivity.

Get real-time financial reports with one click
Instantly see startup metrics like ARR, burn, & runway
Migrate from QuickBooks without lifting a finger or losing your client’s data
Streamline your accounting process

Close the books, faster

Puzzle’s learning capabilities speed up categorization and reconciliations. We automatically ingest transaction data and supporting details so you can shift your focus. Access features like:

AI-enabled auto-categorization and rule generation
Traceable journal entries and an audit log
Integrations with Ramp, Brex, Gusto, and more
Accelerate your workflow

Collaborate smarter, not harder

Communicate with your team within Puzzle. Ask questions, clarify transactions, and assign tasks without switching between tools. Get ready for pure collaboration magic.

Say goodbye to supporting document chasing
Assign tasks and ask questions within the software
Get answers faster with Slack and email integrations
Your accounting, your rules

Customize your experience

Do more in less time while trusting the numbers. Our platform lets you choose your own adventure: go fully autonomous, AI-assisted, or fully manual. Your data is encrypted at all times, up to industry-leading standards, whether in flight or at rest. We prioritize:

Data integrity checks to structure & clean data
Secure, reliable, and traceable transactions
SOC 2 compliance

Trusted by accounting and finance professionals

Gain back valuable time now