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Effortless Revenue Accounting with Stripe

Be confident your revenue is recorded properly.

Leverage Puzzle's suite of Automated Revenue Recognition features for companies that use Stripe subscriptions. We automate intricate calculations like accrued revenue, deferred revenue, MRR, ARR, and other insights. See everything with a few clicks. Save hours from updating spreadsheets, fragmented data, and risk of errors.

Automated revenue recognition schedules.

Eliminate labor-intensive spreadsheet calculations, outdated data risks, and system fragmentation. Access automated schedules with a few clicks within a single transaction or a consolidated view.

Automated cash and accrued revenue schedules.

Puzzle offers the fastest way to run simultaneous cash and accrual financials, including revenue. At anytime, view cash and accrual revenue by product, customer, or account.

Automated deferred revenue schedules.

Stop maintaining complicated spreadsheets. Puzzle automatically calculates deferred revenue balances for each Stripe subscription. Accrued revenue entries are auto-posted every month, eliminating extra manual work.

People Insights

Complete visibility into people expenses.

See payroll insights in real-time. See total number of employees, total payroll expense (including benefits), average salary costs, and annual costs per employee. Filter reports for any period.


Real-time ARR/MRR in 1 click.

You know that complicated ARR/MRR table investors ask for? That one that takes forever to build? The one you don't want to get wrong? We automated it. For Stripe subscription users, get MRR, ARR, Churn Rate, and Retention Rate, fully automated.


Instant financial insights, trends, and patterns.

Understand your cash flow changes. Within seconds of viewing your dashboard, see new vendors (in yellow), significant changes by dollar value (in purple), significant changes by % (in purple), or click into any value to understand more.

Customize your insights.

Tailor modifications to suit your preferences. Filter differences based on dollar changes or percentage changes. Compare between this month and last month, prior periods, or comparative period. Uncover areas for savings while understanding see trends and patterns that demand attention.

Startup Metrics

See startup metrics in real time.

Keep an eye on real-time startup metrics like cash, burn, and runway. Metrics are instantly availble on the dashboard as soon as you log in, allowing you to make timely and data-driven decisions.

Stay on top of cashflow.

Access a single, up-to-date view of cash across all institutions. Get an estimate of FDIC coverage based on account types with Puzzle's unified FDIC coverage monitoring tool.

See your burn in multiple ways.

Explore various burn calculations. Default to Net Burn, or expand to Bank Burn. Stay on top of your progress by switching between last month's burn and the 3-month average.

Monitor your runway for sustainble growth.

Always be prepared. Puzzle's Runway calculations rely on your latest month's burn rate. See the forecasted last month and the projected number of months that your available cash balance can sustain your company's expenses.

Spend Explorer

Real-time spend insights for data-informed decisions.

Puzzle’s Spend Explorer offers actionable analytics to understand spending so you can manage cash, burn, and runway with real-time data.

Spend management like never before.

Analyze payroll and non-payroll spending. Always know how much you’re money spending on.

Review spending trends.

View spending trends with line charts, bar charts, by category, by transaction, recurring expenses, and more. Find exceptions, patterns, and variances for further analysis to stay on top of burn and runway.

With just a few clicks,
see your entire financial picture