Put your bookkeeping on auto-pilot.

Founder Support

Get fast access to accountants.

Engage directly with CPAs for expert advice. Access our network of proficient bookkeepers and tax professionals who specialize in startups.

Get direct product support quickly.

The Puzzle team loves providing hands-on support to users. Easily request support within the Puzzle app, email, or in our Help Center.


Cut categorization time by 50%.

Manually categorizing transactions is tedious. Puzzlebot, Puzzle's intelligent accounting assistant, auto-categorizes 90-95% of transactions, depending on source, so you don't have to. Our cutting-edge integrations also enable a 50% reduction in manual categorization work.

Save time for more valuable efforts.

Puzzle built several shortcuts so users can complete uncategorized categorization in just a few minutes. Click “help me categorize” or “not categorized” buttons on the transaction tab.

More categorization shortcuts for extra efficiencies.

Easily split transactions between categories and bulk categorized with one-click.

See the most urgent items first.

Optimize your time on the most mission critical transactions first. Quickly see which transactions are uncategorized and need your most urgent attention.

With just a few clicks,
see your entire financial picture