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Accounting Policy


Puzzle Bookkeeping

San Francisco

Bookkeeping for LLCs and C-Corps with real-time support that matches the level of service you require.  Puzzle Bookkeeping is an independent entity from Puzzle Financial Inc.


San Francisco

Bookkeeping, spend management, controller, and fractional CFO services for startups that are just starting to $400k+ in expenses.


United States

Spyder is a sector-agnostic fractional CFO, Bookkeeping, and Taxation firm serving over 500 businesses ranging from SMBs, Startups, and eCommerce firms.

Trivium Accounting and Tax


1,000's founders and $1,000,000,000s of capital raised. Trivium is a Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, and Tax consulting firm offering early-mid stage companies strategy consulting as well as support ranging from administrative to CFO level expertise. We free up time, so you can focus on building your business.


Perlson LLP

New York

For nearly 4 decades, Perlson has delivered industry-leading and creative tax, financial, and accounting services to individuals, families and businesses. Perlson's team of experts handle comprehensive tax, accounting, and attest services provide the information and insights you need, and can act as your CFO, handling all of your budgeting, invoicing, and reconciling needs to make the most profitable decisions for your business.