Product update - October 2022

Helen Chong

Featured update: Financials delivered on the 1st

Don’t wait weeks to understand your business.

One of our biggest frustrations was not seeing how our cash moved on the first of the month, held back by every last detail, policy and review of your official books close.  Now you understand your detailed cash flow, revenue and spend analysis, on the first of the month, automatically in your inbox (and of course on your dashboard anytime)

New & improved

🚄 Don’t have an automated integration?

While we don’t have aaaalllllll the integrations yet, we added a super simple CSV uploader tool to add new bank and credit card accounts and get the data into the system.  Simply upload the date, amount and description, and our system takes care of the rest. Don’t worry, we tag everything as manually uploaded as manually uploaded or via an API.

🏎️💨 Improved experiences

We are constantly pushing out new features and improvements.  Here are some of our favorites from October…

  • It’s just even faster
    Some of you have a lot of transactions.  Like a lot.  So we rebalanced some processes to make the experience faster, and while we were at it added some caching to the front end.  Some screens were taking up to 15 seconds to load are now looking more like 200ms.
  • Bank opening balance calculation even more accurate
    Estimating historical bank balances sets the foundation of your books. We improved the calculation formula, so now in almost all cases it is accurate, and if not we have better detection to prompt you to set your opening balance as of a certain day.
  • Improved transaction duplicate detection and removal
    We want your books to be more accurate in less time, so we added a few new features including better automated duplicate detection, easy ability to void transactions, and the ability to choose what dates you want data from your integrations upon reconnection.

We constantly ship new features and prioritize based on our customer's feedback. If you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

The Puzzle Product Team

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Helen Chong
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