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Featured update: The first data accuracy meter

See how complete and accurate your financial statements are anytime

Making confident decisions means having trustworthy data.  So we built a real-time status report measuring dollar categorization and finalization, so founders can make data-driven, informed decisions all the time, not weeks after the month ends.  This allows accountants to account for every penny (bad pun, we know) and founders to have real-time data for important decisions.  Problem solved!

See yours here.

New & improved

📌 Tag assets for taxes in one-click

At the end of the year, finding all your assets (computers, desks) can take a lot of unnecessary time for a founder, especially as your startup grows.  With one-click tagging you can make end of year tax prep easier and faster, just tag assets in one click.  Start tagging now.

🛎️ Founder request: Shortcut buttons for “most important transactions”

Many founders do not have an accounting, finance or business tax background, so it is hard to know where to start.  So we built a two shortcut buttons so founders can complete categorization in just a few minutes a week. Click “help me categorize” or “not categorized” buttons on the transaction tab. Try it out here.

🔥 See your burn every way

Right on your dashboard you can now see burn many ways - total cash changing all your bank accounts (”bank burn”), last month burn removing equity and debt, and operating burn, all by last month or a smoothed out 3-month average.  All ways to better understand your runway.  See your burn here.

🏎️💨 Continuous automation improvements

We constantly push out small features to make your experience faster and easier, saving you time and money.  A few notable improvements:

  • Download in one-click.  We added a download button right on your dashboard, so you can download your reports instantly, exactly how you see them on your dashboard.  Send to investors, do your own analysis, add to your financial model.
  • Darker shading, brighter lines.  Helps you see important information faster, whether you are 20, 30, or in your 40s or later, like our CEO.
  • New navigation icons. Easier to intuitive see your burn, revenue, expenses.
  • Blur mode.  Want to hide your cash, salaries, burn, runway.  Just click the eyeball icon.

As a reminder, Puzzle is modern accounting software for startups, designed to help startup founders and finance teams make accounting and finance their strategic advantage. If you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

The Puzzle Product Team

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