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Featured update: Automagical Monthly Checklist

A fully guided experience to close your books. (Hint: Most of it is already prepared for you by our system)

We want to be the fastest, most accurate, most transparent accounting system.  This month we added a real-time Monthly Checklist for everyone.  We are not trying to turn founders into accountants, but rather give everyone full transparency to what is needed for complete and accurate books.  We hope this gives founders a greater appreciation for all the work that has to be done, accountants comfort that everyone knows when the books are complete or not, and some appreciation for how much automation we built into Puzzle.  It not only shows you what is needed, we are constantly adding new detections and protections for your books.

New & improved

🚄 Spotlight has launched!

One of our absolute favorite features is Spotlight, which shows you a comparison of financial results between different periods and shines a bright purple spotlight on the significant changes we think you should pay attention to.  Just look for this button on your dashboard:

You can now compare between this and last month, same month last year, quarter over quarter, year over year, or any random period.  We have a few more added features we will be adding to this over the next month, making it one of the easiest, fastest ways to find the most important information about your company.

🏎️💨 Improved experiences

We are constantly pushing out new features and improvements.  Here are some of our favorites from December…

  • Payroll accounting is complicated.  We added additional transparency.
    We added a new tab called Payroll, which shows you how your payroll translates to accounting journal entries and the mysterious “clearing” accounts.  This not only gives you insight into likely your largest expense; it helps you improve confidence it is done right.
  • Cash reconciliation status on your dashboard.
    If we take a simplified assumption of accounting as “complete” and “accurate”, a cash (or bank) reconciliation would be one of the strongest indicators that all cash transactions are accounted for.

We constantly ship new features and prioritize based on our customer's feedback. If you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

The Puzzle Product Team

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