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Real-Time Financial Clarity.
Uncompromised Accuracy.

Startup accounting software that instantly generates financials, metrics, tax reports, and expert advice - all in one platform.

Puzzle works the way you work

Puzzle is your copilot, no matter how you prefer to get things done.

Scale confidently while staying compliant, whether you are doing it yourself to save money,
invite your own bookkeeper and give them AI superpowers, or hire one of our on-demand experts anytime.
Option 1

Do it yourself

The most budget-friendly choice. Manage your accounting with our guided experience, saving money in the early days.

Option 2

Connect with on-demand experts

Puzzle has a network of on-demand bookkeepers and tax experts at your service, if needed.

Option 3

Invite your bookkeeper

No matter if your bookkeeper opts for the manual or autonomous option, Puzzle's software seamlessly integrates with your existing team.

Take control of time spent on finances

What is Autonomous Accounting?

Autonomous Accounting is Puzzle’s system that automatically generates financial reports, metrics, insights, reconciliations, and tax documents in real-time.